New combinations added to PBS notice in Victoria

Four new Performance Based Standards (PBS) combinations are now eligible to operate in Victoria under the National Class 2 Performance Based Standards (High Productivity) Authorisation Notice 2022 (No.3).

These new vehicles include B-triples general freight, B-triples volumetric, AB-triples general freight and AB-triples volumetric.

According to NHVR CEO Sal Petroccitto, since the notice was introduced in Victoria and New South Wales, it’s replaced thousands of Class 2 permits.

“In Victoria, this notice has streamlined access for most of the 1500 PBS vehicles that meet the requirements to run on the state’s 8000 kilometre High Productivity Freight Vehicle Network,” Petroccitto said.

“The release of the NHVR National Map in the new year will continue to support improved efficiencies and get safer and more productive vehicles on the roads sooner, including the ability for road managers to update gazetted networks in real time.

“The new map will remove the need for industry to access multiple state and territory maps when planning their journeys and access requirements, with end-to-end and cross-border networks displayed in one location.”

For more information about the National Class 2 Performance Based Standards (High Productivity) Authorisation Notice 2022 (No.3), click here.

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  1. I and many others live next to the Goulburn Valley Hwy from Murray Valley Hwy to Tocumwal NSW. These new vehicles with their weight and the speed at which they travel, (we have followed some at 120km/hr. Our housed have to be built above 1m ground level. These vehicles now literally shake our houses and are creating damage together with the amount of truck traffic, many deaths in our rural area. In 2014 there was a contract signed I believe to continue the Goulburn Valley Hwy from the Hume freeway thru Shepparton to Murray Valley Hwy and continue straight ahead to NSW bypassing the bendy roady to Tocumwal. As yet nothing has been done. Also when a road has been built like the Goulburn Valley to Tocumwal section, Code of Practice and Health regulations state that noise prevention should be installed. Koonoomoo Vic has nothing to help people with noise and health situations. Can or has the new inquiry into RURAL DEATHS come up with that solution? Regards RJ

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