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Centurion creates job opportunities for people with disabilities

Centurion has teamed up with WA based disability employment and training organisation Good Sammy to deliver job opportunities at its Perth Airport Logistics Hub.

Good Sammy employees have been working and training alongside Centurion staff to perform warehousing and logistics services at the hub since the partnership began earlier this month.

Over time, they will be able to build on their hours worked duties undertaken. Good Sammy will also rotate more employees through the roles created with Centurion to create additional job opportunities.

Centurion chief executive officer Justin Cardaci said the company was happy to be partnering with Good Sammy in a program that provided participants with meaningful, engaging and challenging work while also demonstrating Centurion’s commitment to diversity across its Perth Airport Logistics Hub.

“This partnership means a lot to us, and we’re glad that we can offer opportunities and mentorship to help better represent people with disability in our industry,” he said.

“The Perth Airport Logistics hub is at the heart of our distribution network in Perth. It’s a busy facility and the perfect place to learn on the job.”

Good Sammy chief executive officer Kane Blackman added, “This partnership delivers on Good Sammy’s mission to provide employment and development opportunities for people with disability, including ongoing opportunities within open employment, and I sincerely thank Centurion for joining forces with us.

“In addition to providing employment opportunities for people with disability, partnerships like this help organisations access local talent in a tight labour market and evidence their commitment to workplace diversity while also supporting greater economic and social participation for people with disability.”

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