Big Rigs joins forces with ATA in new road fix campaign

Tired of driving poorly maintained roads in your region? Then we want to hear from you.

Big Rigs has joined forces with the Australian Trucking Association to put pressure on state authorities to do better.

Send us a picture and a brief description of where it was taken and why the road is such an issue, and we’ll send it on to the relevant state boss and federal Transport Minister Catherine King seeking an answer.

“Our members are sending us a very clear signal that many of Australia’s roads are so damaged they’re dangerous and unpassable in parts,” said ATA chair David Smith.

“Of course, this has an effect on the supply chain because it’s harder than ever to get goods where they need to go. And then there’s the issue of safe- ty which is paramount to our members.

“The situation raises the question about whether the cur- rent road maintenance system is fit for purpose. We would argue it clearly isn’t, especially when Australia is experiencing such challenging weather events.

“The current system doesn’t put much focus on maintenance even in a good year, let alone when we are dealing with something like a major rain event.”

ATA member Tim Hayne got the campaign rolling with the two pictures in this post that he snapped on Clump Road, Bellata, in northern NSW.

“The roads in Narrabri Shire are atrocious, partly because of the high rainfall we have had but a lot of the problems are because these roads haven’t been maintained or repaired to a reasonable standard for many years,” said Hayne.

Send us pics of the potholes, and other damaged sections of roads near you that need fixing, along with a bit of information about where it is, and how it’s impacting on your day-to-day operations, to editor@bigrigs. and/or to ata@truck.

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