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Big rig owner operators, fleet owners and truckies generally have a problem keeping their equipment clean and well maintained. It’s a challenge that Australian Pump Industries, Australia’s leading manufacturer of high-pressure cleaning equipment, understands very well. It’s not just about cosmetics but rather has a direct impact on maintenance and consequently operating costs. 

Many truck operators are reluctant to acquire steam cleaners, despite their obvious advantages in cleaning road grime, and melting grease and oil. Part of the reluctance to move into hot water instead of cold pressure cleaning is to do with cost. But Aussie Pumps has solved that problem with the introduction of its new Aussie Sizzler hot wash machine. It represents a price breakthrough but without compromising quality.

Available in a heavy-duty configuration, with no concessions, the Sizzler has made a huge impact on the Australian market, replacing European designed units – many with high-speed triplex pumps and poly chassis and plastic covers – with the Aussie Sizzler.

“What makes the machine so appealing is its heavy-duty components. We put a slow speed four pole motor, driving a slow speed triplex first world pump into a system with a diesel fired burner. It operates up to a maximum of 80°C and pushes out a pressure at 1800 psi,” said Aussie Pumps chief engineer John Hales.

The Sizzler as a hot wash uses less fuel than steam cleaners and is being adopted not only by truck operators but by earthmoving contractors and even hire companies for general washdown duties. 

4000-psi steam

The top end of Aussie’s product range is a 4000-psi high pressure steam cleaner that will deliver temperatures up to 130°C. That’s a powerful machine! It’s used by companies with big fleets who have a lot of cleaning to do and not much time to do it in.

Called the Admiral 4000, the big machine is claimed by Aussie to be the only genuine 4000-psi production steam cleaner on the Australian market. 

“That extra 1000-psi over and above the usual steamers represents a significant reduction in cleaning time with consequent savings in water and electricity, as well as man hours,” Hales added.

Mobile cleaning made easy

For those applications where three-phase power isn’t available to run the bigger machines, Aussie has produced the Aussie Heatwave. The Heatwave generates 4000-psi pressure but can run at up to 130°C steam, powered by a Honda 13hp electric start engine.

The ignition system is from the engine’s 12 volt starting system, with the whole unit encapsulated in a robust stainless-steel frame, mounted on four wheels.

The four wheels mean the machine can be pushed around the yard easily and all the machine needs is a reliable water supply to become completely independent. The company claims the Heatwave is a real winner and can even be mounted on the back of a ute, with a water tank providing a mobile steam cleaner that can go anywhere, and carry out field service cleaning of trucks and plant in situ.

Free operator safety training

Since the new Safety Standards came out, requiring operator certification for machines of a certain size, Australian Pump Industries has focused on Class A units which don’t require operator certification.

That doesn’t mean operators don’t need to be trained but rather that the fairly onerous requirements of the Standards Association don’t apply to these Class A machines.

“We have a great FREE safety training program available to everyone who pulls a trigger of a pressure cleaner,” said Hales.  

Called the Aussie Safe Operator Training Program, the course has received extremely positive comments from truck operators and earthmoving contractors, from all corners of the world. Scan the QR code to access the course.

For further information on Aussie’s answer to truck wash problems, contact Australian Pump Industries. 

Visit aussiepumps.com.au for more information.

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