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Truckie shares clip showing why all caravan drivers should use a UHF


Two-up truckie Ben Stamatovich – famous for his stunning aerial photography at The Drone Way – has shared a timely safety clip ahead of the influx of holidaymakers about to invade the roads.

While on one of his regular runs across ‘the paddock’ with wife Jacinta Brennan, Stamatovich posted a clip of how easier it is to pass caravans when the motorist concerned uses a UHF radio.

“When two caravans in front have a UHF it makes it so safe for everyone,” writes Stamatovich on his Facebook page after the encounter on the return leg from Perth to Adelaide near Cocklebiddy, WA.

“You will notice I come up to a corner but you will also notice that there is no solid white line.

“Because of the lack of trees you can see the road and if anything is on it. Personally, I think all towing vehicles crossing the country should have a UHF.

“We are not racing you, we just simply have a job to do and want to do it the safest way possible for everyone concerned.”

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