Popular stop in outback Queensland town

During the year scores of drivers have praised this roadhouse as being a nice place to stop.

They reckon the Injune Roadhouse has good food, friendly staff and great facilities including showers and toilets for men, and separate ones for women.

Recently I spoke to Fiona Robinson who co-owns the roadhouse with her husband Peter.

“We get a lot of drivers come here as we are near a heavy vehicle rest area,” Fiona said.

The couple have been at the roadhouse since April last year and Fiona says a favourite meal for drivers is homemade rissoles.

“They love them and also tuck into our desserts including fresh trifles with custard,” she said.

Injune is a quiet town on the Carnarvon Highway with a population of about 400.

“It is a sleepy town out in the middle of nowhere,” Fiona said.

Fiona and her dad have had a long association with roadhouses and had previously been at Gin Gin, Gilgandra, Cobar and Yass in NSW, and Port Augusta in SA.

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