Union steps up to offset truckies’ expenses on new steering committee

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The TWU has answered truckies’ call for help with a $5000 donation to help offset expenses for those who are picked for the new Heavy Vehicle Rest Area Steering Committee (HVRASC).

Expressions of Interest (EOI) for a place on the committee close on Friday, December 16, but many drivers had been dissuaded from applying due to the fact it would cost them wages to attend.

The federal government is picking up the tab for “reasonable” expenses, such as flights and accommodation, but loss of earnings isn’t covered.

The National Road Freighters Association has also organised a GoFundMe page calling for donations for any of the HVRASC participants who may need assistance and raised an additional $1050 so far.

Big Rigs understands that Ron Finemore Transport has also pledged $1000 to the cause.

Senator Carol Brown, the Assistant Transport Minister, hasn’t announced when the final committee line-up will be confirmed, but told Big Rigs in a statement today that it will meet for the first time early in the new year.

“We have been delighted by the wealth of knowledge and experience applicants have demonstrated,” she added.

The committee will be made up of five truckies and four “industry experts” who will decide how $140 million in rest area funding is to be spent.

Former truck driver, now Senator, Glenn Sterle will bring his experience behind the wheel and knowledge of the industry as the chair of the committee.

To make an application for your seat at the table, click here.

To be considered for a committee role the EOI recommends that applicants have the below qualities:

  • Experience driving heavy vehicles on long-haul trips across a wide range of locations in Australia;
  • An understanding of the issues facing drivers on long haul trips;
  • The ability to work collaboratively with others to achieve a common goal; and
  • The ability to analyse applications and provide advice on merit.

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