ATA chief engineer retires

After being involved in the road freight industry since the early 1970s, Australian Trucking Association (ATA) chief engineer Bob Woodward is set to embark on a new chapter.

Throughout his career, he has held various roles in design and development engineering, project management and fleet coordination. He has also had a long and highly successful career at the ATA.

Woodward helped to revolutionise the way freight is carried on Australian roads, being involved in the design of the first Queensland B-double, the tandem/tri-axle B-double, the Finemore Stinger Car Carrier and the 19 metre B-double.

He was also involved with the first central tyre inflation systems introduced in the Australian logging industry and was involved in the first meetings that resulted in PBS.

Along with his role at the ATA, he is the chair of the Standards Australia working group on heavy road vehicles and a member of its working group on road tankers for hazardous liquids and gases

Woodward was also awarded the Castrol Vecton Industry Achievement Award in 2014.

Meanwhile, the new leadership of the ATA’s Industry Technical Council (ITC) has been announced, with Dennis Roohan (AJM Transport, NSW) and Lyndon Watson (Don Watson Transport, VIC) taking the reins. They will be supported by Sam Marks of the ATA secretariat.

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