BA-triples approved for use in SA

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) and the South Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) have approved a new configuration – the BA-triple – for use on the road train network on state-controlled roads in South Australia.

BA-triples are now an eligible combination under the National Class 2 Road Train Authorisation Notice 2022 (No.3) (in South Australia only) and the South Australian Class 3 Road Friendly Suspension Mass Exemption Notice 2022 (No.2).

According to NHVR chief executive officer Sal Petroccitto, including the new BA-triple combination in these access notices would deliver operational and safety benefits.

“Wherever we can, we want to introduce safer and more productive vehicles on our road networks,” Petroccitto said.

“The NHVR assessed the dynamic safety performance of BA-triples and found their handling ability to match that of AB-triples, which already have access.

While the network currently only includes South Australian state-controlled roads, the NHVR is currently working with DIT and local governments to progressively extend it.

Livestock and Rural Transporters Association of SA (LRTASA) president David Smith added that using BA-triples would reduce handling risks and improve safety in the industry.

“Eliminating the need to break down AB-triples with a light loaded rear trailer into a single and a B-double combination, will save time, reducing costs for the operator, but more importantly it will bring significant safety benefits,” Smith said

“Using BA-triples will reduce the risk of injury to the individual reconfiguring the vehicle, and also to the driver and other road users by having these more stable vehicles on the road.”

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