Why Iveco issues recall notices for 932 trucks

Iveco has issued two separate recall notices for a total of 932 trucks.

The largest recall involves 773 Iveco X-Way models, between 2018 and 2022, and includes all variants within the X-Way ACCO Euro VI ANZ, X-Way Hi-Road Hi-Street Euro VI ANZ and X-Way Hi-Way Euro VI ANZ.

Iveco said the front leaf spring suspension U-bolts on these X-Ways may not have been tightened sufficiently, causing them to separate from the suspension and reducing stability for drivers.

For a full VIN list, click here.

Iveco also issued a recall for various S-Way and T-Way models, with 159 units from 2021 and 2022 affected.

This recall pertains to the same suspension U-bolt issue as the X-Ways, with Iveco asking owners of affected vehicles to contact their local Iveco workshop to have the necessary work carried out free of charge.

In another industry-specific recent notice, Liberty Freightmore recalled five units of its Tag 2 trailer model.

The model, with a year range between 1970 and 2022, has been recalled due to mechanical couplings that were installed and may not be suitable for the vertical load as per the Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) specified on the compliance plate.

If loaded beyond capacity, Liberty Freightmore said the coupler could fail and possibly detach from the vehicle.

Liberty Freightmore is also offering to install the correct coupler free of charge.

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