A popular New Year’s resolution among truckies

When I asked numerous truckies what their New Year’s resolution was for 2023, many replied that their aim is to lose weight and eat more healthily.

When I had a meal at a roadhouse frequented by hundreds of drivers daily, I could see many were serious about it.

It was at a BP Roadhouse which is one of 29 around the country supporting an initiative by the Healthy Heads in Trucks & Sheds Foundation.

This group promotes the prevention and understanding of mental health issues that exist across the road transport and logistics industries in Australia.

Near the menu on the wall and fast food containers was a big sign offering discounts on Healthier Meals for Healthy Heads using an app.

Research from Monash University in 2021 showed that 70 per cent of truck drivers in Australia do not meet health and balanced diet guidelines.

Several truckies I spoke to vowed they won’t break New Year’s resolutions this time after, like most of us, having failed in past years.

Some have told me they intend stopping at those fruit stalls in NSW which are located at certain rest areas, as part of their plans to eat more healthily.

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