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‘If you are bred into trucks you have a passion for them like me’

A third-generation truckie, James Markwort, 42, has travelled all over Australia during his 20 years as a truck driver.

He drives a Kenworth T409 for Millar’s Transport which is based at Heyfield in Victoria.

When I spoke to Markwort, he was driving out of Geelong to the Riverina in NSW to load bales of cotton.

“I love the industry and if you are bred into trucks you have a passion for them like me. I want to see the industry go ahead and thrive,” he said.

Markwort previously worked for Lumbars of Deniliquin in NSW where his father Ted lives and runs ECM Haulage.

His dad recently appeared in a Big Rigs driver profile which attracted more than 10,000 views on the website.

“My grandfathers were also truckies and so were some of their families and I am proud to be a third generation driver,” he said.

During his extensive travels Markwort has been to many parts of the country including numerous trips to North Queensland, Darwin and WA.

“I have transported lots of Army equipment and vehicles to Townsville’s Lavarack Barracks and a military base at Darwin,” he said.

Like many drivers Markwort has a gas cooker on board so he can prepare his own meals when required on trips.

“My favourites are scotch fillet and rump steak,” he said.

However Markwort does stop at roadhouses too and nominated Paynes Find Roadhouse in WA, Townsville’s BP Cluden and the new one at Echuca in Victoria as his favourites.

Paynes is a family owned and operated business located in a remote area on the Great Northern Highway, 420 km north of Perth.

“I bought a scotch fillet recently at the Echuca Roadhouse and it was so tender it melted in my mouth,” he said.

As for the worst road he has been on, Markwort nominated the Ootan Track as the winner by far.

“It takes five to eight hours to do 88km on one section and it is bad,” he said.

Covid-19 affected many truckies however Markwort said he had all the jabs.

“The roads were a lot quieter when Covid was around everywhere but they are getting busier now,” he said.

I asked Markwort if he could report on any humorous incidents he has seen on the highways and byways.

“What happens on the road stays on the road,” he said with a loud laugh.

Outside work Markwort enjoys pig hunting and tending to his trusty Harley Davidson bike.

“I love my Harley and go pig hunting around Deniliquin with mates,” he said.

Early in 2023 Markwort is looking forward to many trips to the tropics, including Townsville.

“That will be when the cotton season finishes,” he said.

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