Popular stop on the Stuart Highway

Numerous truckies have contacted Spy in recent months singing the praises of the Glendambo Roadhouse in South Australia.

It is 592km north of Adelaide and an important stop on the Stuart Highway.

The roadhouse is the only place that offers a range of facilities for people travelling north 255km to Coober Pedy.

One driver who stops there regularly said the food was good, the staff friendly and he never had trouble getting a park.

“Really good ham and cheese toasties and great service,” one said.

I phoned the roadhouse and the worker who answered said about 20 trucks a day on average stopped there.

“They order anything from cooked breakfast to burgers and fruit salad and we have a special shower for truckies only and they can sit in the dining room and watch television,” she said.

The Ampol Roadhouse is open from 8am until 10pm.

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