Potholes galore at roadhouse parking area

A popular Queensland roadhouse has had its large parking area littered with huge potholes due to recent rains, with staff revealing they’re in the midst of trying to have them fixed.

The Ampol Roadhouse on the outskirts of Warwick in southern Queensland is very popular with truck drivers, with numerous truck drivers telling told Big Rigs they like stopping there because it has good food, clean facilities and friendly staff.

There is even a special room for truckies only where they can eat and rest.

However some say they are now reluctant to go there because of the large number of deep potholes in the parking area.

They say that such potholes can damage expensive tyres, at a time when operators are already under financial pressure from rising fuel costs.

Big Rigs checked out the parking area late in 2022 and saw the extent of the potholes.

Last week, I again drove through the parking area and found the potholes had not been filled in.

It had rained a few days before and one truckie said some of the water in the potholes would enough for him to have a bath!

A staff member I spoke to did say she knew of tyre damage. Staff also revealed that someone had been there to provide a quote to fill in the potholes and get the parking area fixed.

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