‘Living the Dream’ promo launches to attract new faces to trucking industry

Transport Women Australia Limited (TWAL) has released a song and music video named ‘Living the Dream’.

Co-written by brand agency Branthem and the TWAL team, TWAL chair Jacquelene Brotherton says the end result – see video below – is something that she and the whole team is very proud of.

“The song was made to create a positive image of the transport and logistics industry and the camaraderie of the people within it,” says Brotherton.

“We are currently working on a version 2 of the music video to include more of our female members and sponsors, so watch this space. We have also released this song onto Australian Truck Radio and are looking into releasing the song onto other channels such as Spotify and Apple Music.”

Chloe Whythe, operations administration supervisor at Sargeants Transport, says in the clip that if she’d known about transport while at school, she would have “100 per cent” gone for it.

“I think there is so many people out there who don’t understand how great this industry is,” says Whythe.

“I think there needs to be more of a push to get women into transport because we can kick arse.”

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