House relocation specialists wait out the rain before hitting the road

Brett Nixon and Dean Anderson were waiting anxiously to see how much more rain would fall as they prepared to relocate a house from Townsville to Forrest Beach near Ingham on Wednesday.

Nixon runs ProJax which was tasked with the relocation and owner-operator Anderson was using his flashy yellow Kenworth to do the job.

“We are just waiting to see how wet it is so we can move the house and if it is okay we plan to start at 10pm tonight,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s company is DRA Transport which has over 30 years of experience in the road transport industry.

The house was in sleepy Caroline Street in the Townsville suburb of Aitkenvale when I saw them at about 11am.

It was drizzling, following the heavy rain that had been around for almost a week.

When I met with them at 11am on Wednesday, January 18, the 120km stretch of the Bruce Highway between Townsville and Ingham was still open while down south around Proserpine and Mackay it was cut due to floods.

“This was a family home which was built in 1975,” explained Nixon.

My investigations revealed the land where the house was sitting will soon have a retirement village built on top of it.

I had just been to the supermarket and found lots of shelves short of many items because of the rain and the roads being cut from the south.

Pro-Jax House Raising and Lifting has been operating in the North Queensland region for over 40 years.

In 1974, Don Nixon pioneered a new way of raising a house during a period when house raising and restumping was largely sought after due to record floods.

His technique and the equipment he designed are now used widely across North Queensland.

Lead pilot driver Angie Gear has been doing the job for three decades.

Today, Don’s son, Bret Nixon continues his father’s legacy through the operation of Pro-Jax.

The company specialises in house raising/lifting, house relocation and house re-positioning.

Thankfully, as the heavy rain had subsided, the house relocation was able to go ahead as planned on Wedneday night.

It took around six hours for two Kenworth trucks to transport the house to Forrest Beach which is 130km away.

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