Albury husband-and-wife transport team share secrets to success


Customer satisfaction is the ultimate feat that every business strives for, but how do you achieve that satisfaction in the transport industry where there is so much competition?

If you ask NSW UD Trucks customer, Mick Bodman, it all comes down to having the right people, a dependable service support network and overnight express delivery, and of course, reliable trucks.

Mick believes in getting the equipment, people and service right from the start and that’s what he and his wife Kelly did in 2001 when they established Bodman Transport in Albury, NSW.

“Express is our standard,” Mick said. “Our customers depend on us with overnight service, so goods can be delivered on time.”

Mick also said that the hard work and dedication of his team, his reliable UD Trucks and the support from the dealership network, has enabled his business to deliver high quality service and strengthen customer loyalty over time.

“We don’t have spare trucks lying around so we rely on reliability. What we do with our UDs and how they’ve been treated – we give them hell and they just keep going. Reliability is the key thing.”

The owner-operator reiterated that daily, his customers rely on Bodman Transport to efficiently transport their cargo. UD Trucks as a partner, has been instrumental in ensuring this efficiency through the deployment of UD’s robust and dependable trucks.

With Bodman Transport’s trucks collectively clocking close to 10,000km per day, vehicle reliability is a must, Mick confirmed. Equally, the need for accessible and dependable service and support is essential for the Bodman’s fleet and their fleet is currently well supported by CMV Truck & Bus Albury/Wodonga.

“We’ve got a really good relationship with the dealer network,” said Mick. “They understand that we’re a small company and they do everything to appease us.”

Bodman Transport began their business carting pallet and parcel deliveries locally. Over the years, the business has grown its fleet to 15 trucks and today proudly operates six UD trucks with more on order, all delivered and serviced through the Volvo Group Australia dealer network. Bodman’s service North-East Victoria, Southern NSW, ACT and provide national on-forwarding, all whilst striving for Bodman’s brand promise of delivering express is a standard, not an extra.

When asked about Bodman’s decision to buy a UD, Mick said that it started before he even started driving trucks.

“A neighbour of mine had a transport business and had UD Trucks and loved them. I used to help him wash them and I suppose that’s where it started. I knew about their reliability, so as it came time, I don’t really think I thought about it, I just bought a UD,” said Mick.

Bodman’s biggest testament to the reliability of the UD product, is their truck ‘Knackers’ that is nearing 1,000,000km. Knackers is the second truck that Bodman’s purchased and was delivered brand new in 2007. Knackers used to clock close to 1000km a day, travelling from Albury to Wagga, then Canberra and back to Albury on the five-day-a-week express schedule.

“She’s had a hard life but still going strong,” said Mick.

When asked about UD’s epic Lap of the Map tour, Mick said: “The Lap of the Map sounds good, a Lap of Australia!

“I wouldn’t mind doing it myself. It’ll be good getting the truck out into the communities across Australia and 15,000km for that truck will be a piece of cake.”

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