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Training underway for E-Truck future at TAFE Qld

Heavy transport corporations across the globe are making preparations for their transition to zero-emissions vehicles, and TAFE Queensland is leading the charge for training local light automotive, heavy automotive and mobile plant technicians in the skills they will need to keep future vehicles on the road.

Volvo Trucks are one of the notable global manufacturers to already offer a full range of Electric Vehicle (EV) trucks for sale, and have committed to converting half of their global truck sales to EV options by 2030 at the latest. Volvo is joined by many manufacturers including JCB, who have plug-in electric excavators already available for purchase in Australia.

With giants of the industry pledging their allegiance to zero-emissions trucks and other vehicles, local Queensland businesses are flocking to the state’s most trusted training provider to skill up their new and existing employees in EV work.

TAFE Queensland Emerging Industries business development manager Shawn O’Sullivan says the approach taken by TAFE Queensland is always to do what is best for local industry. “TAFE Queensland is committed to delivering skilled workers for the local industry now and for the future,” O’Sullivan said.

A TAFE Queensland training vehicle.

TAFE Queensland is leading the way to the EV future as the state’s only training provider offering essential nationally recognised Hybrid and Battery Electric Vehicle (HEV/BEV) units to apprentices as part of their training plan, meaning the skills can come at no extra cost to employers.

The future-focussed training is not limited to apprentice students however, with TAFE Queensland also offering a unique training cluster for experienced, existing members of the local industry to upskill themselves in essential HEV/BEV units in one convenient training block.

O’Sullivan went on to say, “At TAFE Queensland we know that preparing the industry for its transition to an EV future means skilling not only apprentices but the existing technicians around the state who are already starting to work on these vehicles.”

The training on offer at TAFE Queensland is far from theory-based, with apprentices and qualified technicians who undertake HEV/BEV training at the provider applying their classroom learning on a range of vehicles owned by the training provider specifically for the training of these skills.

TAFE Queensland students carry out their training on a wide range of EVs including models from Hino and JCB for the heavy automotive and mobile plant industries and Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, and more for the light automotive industry.

To enrol yourself or your employees in TAFE Queensland’s HEV/BEV training cluster, contact or call 1300 308 233 today to define your greatness.

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