Truck driver walks away uninjured after ‘lucky escape’ on Bulli Pass

bulli pass

The driver of a tautliner was able to walk away from a rollover on Bulli Pass earlier today, January 31, shaken but otherwise unscathed.

No other vehicles were involved in the incident on the Princes Highway north of Wollongong, NSW, which resulted in 1000 litres of water-based paint spilt onto the roadway, according to a statement from Fire and Rescue NSW.

“The driver had a very lucky escape and managed to get out of the truck himself,” duty commander Chad Wallace told the ABC.

“It was also a miracle no other cars were taken out as they were going up or coming down Bulli Pass.”

Wallace said that aside from the paint spilt on the road up to 2000 further litres are now liquid inside the back of the truck.

“Around half the tins are damaged,” he said.

Fire and Rescue NSW called in specialist Hazmat teams from Shellharbour and as far away as Sydney to assist in the clean-up.

Emergency services used shovels to create a dam to prevent the paint from travelling down the steep road.

Wallace said it would take several hours to clean up. In the meantime, a contraflow had been put in place to keep north and south bound traffic flowing.

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