Truckspotting photography page takes off

From photographing famous musicians, photographer Darryl Edwards has now switched his focus to trucks, and he’s quickly gaining a loyal following.

If you’re travelling through Ararat in Victoria, you may well see Edwards and his eagle eye by the roadside.

Previously, you’d be more likely to find Edwards at a rock concert than the roadside.

Up until Covid hit, he was a live music photographer, snapping the likes of James Reyne and Rose Tattoo among others.

Edwards moved to Ararat in February 2021 and more recently he discovered a passion for truck photography.

“I was looking for subject matter and a truck came through. I literally walked out the street one day and took one photo of a truck and caught the bug,” he explained.

That was just four weeks ago. From that he created a Facebook group, Truckspotting Ararat, which has already gained over 550 followers.

Edwards has also had numerous truckies get in touch to let him know when they’ll be passing through.

He’s now found a passion for truck photography.

“The reaction and feedback I’m getting from the drivers is making it all worthwhile. Thumbs ups, waves, headlight flashes and the odd honk always makes my day,” he said.

“I’m having a lot of fun and the truckies are enjoying seeing their trucks, which they take great pride in.”

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