Mack Value-Liner a popular winner of top prize at Koroit


A bumper crowd turned out to admire the huge turnout of trucks competing for more than $40,000 in prizes at the Koroit Truck Show in Victoria at the weekend.

It was the first show after a two-year hiatus due to Covid and committee member Richard Allen was thrilled with the result.

“The public were flying through the gate and we as a committee were glad to be back,” said Allen, who shares committe duties with Graeme Morris, Janelle Hyland and Julie Houlihan.

“Sometimes the trucks can be a secondary thing, the social aspect of it is a major part and it was great to have everyone back together after a two-year hiatus.”

While the final takings from the event are still being tallied, Allen expects the show will soon be in a position to announce a sizeable donation to the Food Share charity which distributes food to local families in need throughout the district.

The truck show has now been going since 2009 after originally being conceived as a one-off stand-in event for the ag show which had to be postponed that year due to a horse flu outbreak.

A standout highlight this year for Allen was the chance to just catch up with so many mates again after the Covid-enforced layoff.

“And to see the smile on so many people’s faces, from the exhibitors to the truck drivers to everyone walking through the gate.”

Allen said Andrew Derham’s Mack Value-Liner was also a standout, and a popular winner of the Rig of Show title, along with Best Restored Vintage and Best American trophies.

“It was certainly a highlight to see that at our show, it was a real drawcard, and a very fitting, deserving winner,” he said.

The category winners are:

Rig of Show
Winner: Andrew Derham, Mack Value-Liner
Runner-up: Rick Cornwell, Kenworth T908

Best farm truck
Winner: Daniel Perini, Kenworth T900 Classic
Runner-up: Jack Rigby, Kenworth T909

Best rigid
Winner: John Cozens, UD Quon
Runner-up: Brad Walker, Kenworth T909

Best rigid tipper
Winner: Brad Walker, Kenworth T909
Runner-up: Tyson Smith, Kenworth 404 SAR

Best customised
Winner: Rick Cornwell, Kenworth T908
Runner-up: Daniel Perini, Kenworth T909

Best crane or tow truck
Winner: Owen Roof Trusses, Hino
Runner-up: Hire Aust, Volvo

Best fleet of 3 or more
Winner: Logans Transport
Runner-up: Boyle’s Livestock Transport

Best restored vintage
Winner: Andrew Derham, Mack Value-Liner
Runner-up: Andrew Derham, Kenworth K100

Prime mover 0-6 months
Winner: David Carter, Kenworth SAR Legend
Runner-up: Roth Trucking, Kenworth T909

Prime mover 6 months – 1 year
Winner: Jason Walter, Mack Super-Liner
Runner-up: Bampfords Transport, Kenworth T610

Prime mover 2-6 years
Winner: Nathan Stokes, Kenworth T909
Runner-up: Dallas Turner, Kenworth T610

Prime mover 7-11 years
Winner: Rick Cornwell, Kenworth T908
Runner-up: Bill McDonald, Kenworth T909

Prime mover 12-20 years
Winner: Jezza Edwards, Kenworth K108
Runner-up: Luke Watts, Kenworth T904

Prime mover over 21 years
Winner: Cooper Neal, Kenworth T900
Runner-up: Daniel Perini, Kenworth W900 Classic

Best Japanese
Winner: Budda Campbell, Fuso
Runner-up: John Cozens, UD Quan

Best European
Winner: Darren Robertson, Scania
Runner-up: Jayden Wilson, Volvo tilt tray

Best American
Winner: Andrew Derham, Mack Value Liner
Runner-up: Malcolm McCosh, Kenworth 609

  • For more show pictures from Diesel Fumes Photography and an interview with Andrew Derham, co-owner of the show-stopping Mack Value-Liner, make sure you grab your free copy of the February 17 print edition of Big Rigs.

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