Truckies discover a hidden secret

Several truckies have told Spy about a hidden gem they like to regularly stop at in NSW’s Hunter region.

This little secret is located at Kearsley. Here, truckies can park their rigs across the road and head on over to check out some history, use a clean toilet and get a snack, cold drink, a tea or a coffee.

Owner Tony Moore.

It is a café and museum/art gallery called The Crossing. Big Rigs stopped there in January and spoke to the owner Tony Moore.

Kearsley is a small hamlet near Cessnock; and Moore said quite a few truckies stop there along with regular motorists and van drivers.

“The truck fellows park across the road and have a look around. They get a bite to eat and use the toilet and then are on their way,” he said.

Moore, 60, used to own a landscaping business and also repaired trucks so he knows what the drivers want.

I enjoyed a cake and cuppa there and looked at the old Elvis Presley records, rail transport memorabilia and numerous other historical items.

It may have been a hidden secret for a while, but it won’t be a secret for much longer!

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