Several events planned for the first quarter

By this time of year most of those New Year’s resolutions have gone by the wayside and we are starting to get back into the normal flow of life. 

As I mentioned in my last article, Transport Women Australia Limited has several events for the first quarter of the year with International Women’s Day events in Sydney, Perth, Wollongong, Melbourne, Dubbo, Launceston and Shepparton, and joining the QTA in Brisbane at their amazing breakfast. 

We will follow these on with vice chair Coralie Chapman hosting her third Brisbane Truck Show Breakfast which everyone is super excited about as always. It is the highlight of a truck show year for many, and Coralie is always delighted to host it. 

Of course, before then on May 6, we will have our Transport Women Unite Red Ball at Alice Springs at the National Road Transport Museum (Road Transport Hall of Fame). 

We will launching the inaugural Dream Maker award and it will be presented on the night. This award has been established to recognise those who work behind the scenes to keep transport companies running, allowing the front man or woman to achieve their dream in the transportation industry and we’re looking forward to receiving a huge amount of nominees. 

Nomination forms and tickets to the Transport Women Unite Red Ball are available through the Road Transport Hall of Fame website, so get on the website, grab your tickets and nominate someone from your company for the award. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Transport Women Unite Red Ball is being co-hosted by the National Road Transport Museum and Transport Women Australia Limited. We are looking for sponsorship to bring Ellen Voie, the founder of Women in Trucking USA out as the special guest. 

Ellen is the most recognised woman in the trucking industry around the world and has won more awards and been endowed with more accolades that I can fit into this article so some along and join us in Alice.  

We are looking for sponsorship for the best dressed male female on the night, everyone must be wearing something RED!  And if anyone wishes to sponsor the Dream Maker Award, they would be most welcome.

Transport Women Australia Limited are holding their annual planning weekend on the first weekend of February and we hope to announce our plans for the following year soon after. We will also be announcing two new partnerships in the coming weeks and we’re looking forward to working closely together with these new partners to advance the cause of the association and our members.

As our memberships and partnerships continue to grow, we will have more programmes and initiatives for the industry; to bring more new talent, and add new training programmes for those already in the industry, and help others achieve their dreams.

The ‘Living the Dream’ programme is being widely acclaimed and we are very proud of it, the song can be heard on Australian Truck Radio and the video will play at all of our events. The second version of the video will be out in coming weeks and we will be building on this video and the ‘Living the Dream’ programme throughout the year.

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