Truckie Profiles

On the road for 20 years

It is unusual to come across a truckie washing their truck and if you do not many will agree to have their pic taken.

One exception is Ballarat-based Skeeta Christofferson who works for Onions Transport. He was power hosing his rig at Warwick in Queensland.

“I have brought up fish from Melbourne to Brisbane and Townsville and have a backload of melons to go back to Victoria,” he said.

A truckie for 20 years, Christofferson said the Newell Highway was amongst the worst roads he travels on.

“More rest areas are needed and the ones there are too far apart,” he said.

Superfit Christofferson was glowing in his praise of the Aratula Roadhouse.

“The showers are great, so is the food and the staff there,” he said.

Outside work, Christofferson likes watching V8 supercars and also has a motorbike.

“It is a 2004 Harley Davidson Night Train,” he said.

After I snapped his pic with hose in hand I let Christofferson get on with the job to ensure his truck was clean.

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