Road transport can be quite a dirty business

Keeping road transport equipment washed and glittering isn’t just about cosmetics! Sure, everybody likes to see a big Kenworth or Mack/MAN/Scania/IVECO looking good on an interstate run, but really it’s about safety and improving maintenance efficiency.

A clean undercarriage and engine bay helps service technicians identify hydraulic leaks and wear issues ahead of failures. 

One company, Australian Pump Industries, understands this. “We’ve surveyed truckies around the country to find out what gear really works for them,” said Aussie Pumps chief engineer John Hales. 

Getting the right machine for the job saves time and labour, improves cleaning efficiency and will be a pleasure to use.

Cold water machines – time is money

“One of our truck driver mates told us recently that using his pressure cleaner to clean a vehicle can get tedious after the fifth hour. We believe that!” said Hales. 

His problem was using a small Bunnings-style toy to clean a big piece of gear. 

Aussie’s formula is simple: Your time is valuable. Buy the right machine and it will get the job done quickly, efficiently and with the minimum amount of physical effort. 

Aussie Truck Wash Specials

That’s why the company has developed both 3000 and 4000 psi ‘Truck Wash’ cold water pressure cleaners. Called the ‘Aussie Scud’, this line-up is powered by 13hp Honda recoil start or electric start petrol engines. Yanmar 10hp diesel powered versions are also readily available. 

The Scud pressure cleaners are handsome machines with a sculpted stainless-steel frame, four big 13-inch flat free tyres with steel wheels, that are set up to do serious work. 

“The Aussie Scud is designed to be serviceable for years. Yes, they’ll need basic, regular maintenance, but in return will last for decades and get the job done fast,” said Hales.

‘Big Berty’ pumps, heavy-duty gear

Aussie’s heavy-duty Truck Wash Specials use ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini triplex pumps running at 1450rpm through a 2:1 reduction gearbox. These pumps feature a huge fin crank case for cool running. The bigger the crank case, the more oil, the cooler the unit will run. 

“That’s why they work so well and last so long,” said Hales. 

Extra reach cuts your cleaning time

More recently the company introduced a range of stainless-steel reels that can take up to 30 metres of top quality Aussie Blue Pro pressure cleaning hose. That extra 30 metres of hose gives the operator a reach of up to 60 metres in total. 

A hose reel adds real convenience for the operator, cuts wear on the hose and reduces the risk of trip hazards.

Labour saving kit

When cleaning the undercarriage, washing down wheels and axles, a turbo lance will knock off caked dirt and mud in half the time over a standard lance. 

The turbo has the effect of almost doubling the impact of the machine without inacreasing the pressure or making the pump work any harder. It’s a spinning nozzle that accelerates the velocity with which the jet hits the surface. 

For more information on the Scud Truck Wash specials or a copy of Aussie’s free guide on understanding how pressure cleaners work, called ‘Service Fundamentals’, call the team at Aussie Pumps on 02 8865 3500. 

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