Truckies out of luck if they need to use a toilet at inspection stations


Some switched on drivers have told Spy that heavy vehicle inspection stations around this vast country should have public toilets provided.

They figure that when truckies are pulled over for a check, it often takes a fair amount of time.

Often drivers feel like a call of nature and at certain locations can walk over to an area out of view for a ‘Jimmy Riddle’.

But if they require a number two that is not possible.

“Such toilets could be used by the scalies and traffic cops manning them as well as driv- ers,” one told Spy.

There are some stations where there are toilets but these are strictly for the use of the enforcement officers.

Our truckie mates figure that it wouldn’t cost much for governments to provide a small portable dunny for use by everybody who needs one.

I know of some rest areas where scalies and cops conduct blitzes that have public toilets.

Editor’s note: Spy’s story got us wondering if the new $2.3 million upgrade to the heavy inspection station bays at Daroobalgie, NSW, might be an exception to the rule for the nation’s essential workers.

No, it seems not, confirmed the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) in an emailed statement.

“The Daroobalgie HVSS [Heavy Vehicle Safety Station] was recently upgraded by Transport for NSW with office facilities and a shelter over the inspection area. This particular site does not have public toilets available at present,” said the NHVR.

“NSW HVSS sites vary in size, capability and technology with some HVSS sites equipped with toilets available for truck drivers (as an example, this is the case for Marulan and Bell HVSS).”

The NHVR said it is aware that Transport for NSW is increasing the number and improving the quality of heavy vehicle rest stops across the state road network and is currently seeking feedback.

Further information can be found at  Improving heavy vehicle rest stops | Have your say NSW.

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