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Living the dream at just 23

Aged just 23, William Brecht drives a Volvo from Redlands. Big Rigs saw him at a pull off area near Beaudesert and he was happy to chat.

Brecht said he travels about a 200km radius from his depot, picking up rubbish, recycling, and other items.

“I have been a truck driver for about three years and enjoy it,” he said.

He knows that he is very young to be a driver but was surprised when I told him the average age was in the late fifties.

Brecht, however, does not have any ambitions to move up to drive much bigger trucks.

“I love this job too much and the company is great to work for,” he said.

I asked Brecht if he has to travel along many rough roads in the beautiful part of Queensland he gets to.

“Some of the dirt roads to rural properties can be corrugated,” he said.

His hobbies include riding motorbikes and he has a Royal Enfield which is his pride and joy.

“I also like fishing but haven’t had time to do it for a while,” he said.

Brecht said he would recommend truck driving to other young people.

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