Singing truckie hits right note on social media

singing truckie

Truckie Jackson Brown is still pinching himself at how popular his singing has become on the social media platform TikTok.

Since his modest beginning last October with a clip from a karaoke stage, the driver for National Transport and Distribution has amassed 20,000 followers.

From the behind the wheel of his Kenworth he regularly belts out truckie classics like Cold Chisel’s Flame Trees, which at the time of writing, has garnered more than 578,000 views.

Brown’s talent also caught the attention of producers of the Today Show recently.

“There’s a couple of truck drivers out there, I think, that are actually singing songs,” a modest Brown told Today host Karl Stefanovic.

“But like, who doesn’t driver along and sing along?”


Replying to @aero7132 Flame Trees #coldchisel #australian #requested #trucking @Jimmy Barnes Official

♬ original sound – Jackson Brown

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