Taking a shine to your Kenworth

Kenworth drivers take great pride in keeping their rigs looking good and a new range of genuine cleaning products that has been specifically formulated for Kenworth trucks makes it easier than ever to keep your truck’s paint and chrome gleaming.

Marcus Dunn, senior product manager at PACCAR Parts, said the Kenworth Genuine Cleaning Range has been specially formulated to ensure compatibility with Kenworth trucks, ensuring operators can use premium cleaning products on their premium rigs.

“We needed to move away from traditional truck washes and offer customers a cleaning range that will thoroughly clean their Kenworth truck, yet still be safe for use on the variety of heavy vehicle applications.”

The chemistry in synthetic polymers and detergents has evolved considerably in recent years, and with the inclusion of ceramic Silicon Dioxide (Si02) technology, the Kenworth Genuine cleaning product range is now the industry’s most advanced.

“This has resulted in more concentrated formulations that are softer on paintwork, plastics and alloys than traditional truck washing products. Several formulas also offer the latest ceramic technology that offers exceptional protection, gloss and water beading.”

By combining nano synthetic polymers with Silicon Dioxide (Si02), the main ingredient used in the manufacture of glass, the Kenworth team has created a durable protective coating that resists environmental contaminants and harsh UV.

“This formulation creates an extremely hydrophobic (water beading) surface. The microscopic polymers provide a much smoother finish creating a higher gloss on all surfaces. With consistent use of the Kenworth wash, road grime will be removed much easier and the gloss will improve with repeated use,” Dunn said.

There are two different wash products in the new Kenworth Genuine Cleaning Range – Kenworth Genuine PRO Wash and the flagship wash product, Kenworth Genuine Wash & Wax.

The cleaning range also includes two advanced Kenworth Genuine finishing products, a new ‘no-sling’ Kenworth Genuine Tyre Gloss, and a non-flammable, low caustic Kenworth Genuine Degreaser.

The Kenworth Genuine Cleaning Range has been specially formulated to ensure compatibility with Kenworth trucks.

Environmental and OH&S considerations were carefully considered in the development of the Kenworth Genuine Cleaning Range, Dunn added.

“All these products are biodegradable and phosphate free. They can also be used where interceptor pits are in use. The washes are pH neutral, non-acidic, non-alkaline, non-corrosive, and do not contain harsh ingredients.”

The team is particularly proud of the Tyre Gloss products, which use a water- based emulsion instead of traditional highly flammable solvents and silicone oil.

“The Kenworth Genuine Tyre Gloss is completely non-hazardous, non-flammable and doesn’t ‘sling off’ silicone onto the vehicle. We think users will be very impressed with this product.”

To find out more about the new Kenworth Genuine Cleaning Range, drop in for a chat with your nearest PACCAR Parts Dealer. With their extensive dealer network spanning right across Australia and New Zealand, expert advice and the best quality products are always available to keep your rig looking great.

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