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‘Mini’ load turns some heads

A small Leyland Mini Minor car was being towed on a trailer behind an Isuzu 200 Series light rig when Big Rigs saw it along Picton Road in NSW.

I had followed it for some kilometres and saw it pull up at a rest area so I asked the driver Clint Marchant if I could talk to him and snap some pics.

He was delighted to and said he was travelling from Wollongong to Newcastle.

“I am moving to Newcastle and have the company Isuzu to move some of my stuff,” he said.

Marchant works for CMA Hydraulic and said the Isuzu was great for moving.

“I was towing some other gear and got caught yesterday in a traffic jam on the M1 Highway into Sydney after a crash on the Hawkesbury River Bridge,” he said.

Marchant added that the Isuzu was easy to drive.

I asked him about the unregistered Mini. “It is a project and I intend to restore it,” he said.

It sure turned the heads of passing motorists along busy Picton Road.

With him was his brother Ben Marchant who proved to be a great assistant as they checked the Mini at the popular rest area.

A bit later on I saw them travelling on the Hume Highway on the way to Newcastle.

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