DGL AUSblue: A proudly Australian AdBlue solution

AdBlue is a very important product. You only have to think back to this time last year to consider how much we now realise this fact in Australia.

It is essential to support clean diesel fleets throughout Australia and keep them moving.

With the support and resource strength of DGL behind the AdBlue industry last year, we learnt a few key essentials about what needs to continue to happen to prevent supply and quality issues in the future. 

Do not compromise quality

The VDA Licence is there for a reason. What is needed in Australia is that AdBlue manufacturers continue to help owners understand the required Certificate of Analysis that identifies and validates the AdBlue you put into your truck with essential detail.

This helps fleet managers and service centres identify issues more quickly to prevent unnecessary damage or continued issues to SCR systems which can run into the tens of thousands of dollars across a fleet. 

To assist this, DGL AUSblue supplies certificates with each invoice. We have and will continue to train and support Australian fleets as standard practice and are proud to have helped the industry understand what they are putting into their trucks. If you don’t have any visibility on this or your servicing costs for AdBlue, give us a call.

Multiple supply chains are essential

DGL AUSblue has strengthened its ability to source VDA approved Technical Grade Urea from multiple trusted sources. This long-standing trust with global partners and suppliers alongside DGL’s financial backing enabled us to source 7000 tonnes of urea in December 2021 at short notice to start the stock replenishment response in Australia. This product went all across Australia, supporting multiple manufacturers, additional to what we usually supply to industry.

Manufacture nationally and deliver to you locally

We are proud to be Australian owned and employ Australians in every state. Yes, we also supply and manufacture in New Zealand, but we don’t talk too much about that over here. 

Keep innovating for better results for the end user: You

Altra Pure AdBlue was an innovation introduced to our clients and partners in 2020, which was driven from a heart to understand why there were different build-up rates in AdBlue. It gave us real confidence to continue to focus on quality product, and not to ever compromise any steps in the VDA AdBlue manufacturing process. This means that every reseller and national partner that uses our formulation is providing what we strongly believe to be the highest quality VDA approved AdBlue to minimise filter, injector, doser pump blockages and replacements throughout the lifetime of your fleet.

That is DGL AUSblue’s commitment – to continue to lead the AdBlue Industry towards understanding, sustainability and quality. 

All “us” Australians here look forward to doing this for you with pride. 

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