Truckies left in the lurch as toilet paper bandits strike

Finding a suitable rest area with a decent dunny is often hard enough, but now Transport for NSW (TfNSW) has placed signs in the toilets of a popular rest area to advise it won’t be supplying toilet paper due to vandalism and theft.

The Nungarry Rest Area is located beside the Princes Highway in NSW and also has an excellent Driver Reviver station run by Lions Club volunteers.

But you wouldn’t want to pull up to this rest area needing an urgent “number two”.

Toilets at the Nungarry Rest Area.

TfNSW has had a notice placed inside the dunny advising that after ongoing incidences of damage, theft and vandalism, the provision of paper was suspended until further notice.

The theft of toilet paper at rest areas has become an ongoing issue, with reports continuing to reach Spy about the theft of toilet paper from numerous sites.

Having frequented numerous such facilities myself in recent times I have seen the problem firsthand.

Often you will find such paper on the floor and even whole rolls missing.

There was one incident at a rest area where a truckie challenged some young foreign tourists who walked out of the rest area toilets with entire toilet paper rolls.

He was abused even after warning them it was theft. He told the toilet paper bandits he could easily take their van registration number and ring the cops.

Some of these toilet rolls are secured by bolts but those who steal them just unroll it and take anyway.

This may sound like a menial subject and a whinge, but to our champion drivers who find themselves in such a predicament, it is a grassroots issue.

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