Insurer announces new CoR service acquisition

Specialist insurer NTI has announced its acquisition of the Australian Logistics Council’s Master Code auditing service, and says it has plans to enhance its capabilities.

ALC’s Master Code Auditing Service (AMCAS) helps businesses to put safety management systems in place to support compliance and monitor the safety of transport activities across the supply chain, including retailers, producers, suppliers, distribution centres, and logistics companies.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) systems audit all aspects of business, including management and culture, timeframes and loads.

NTI chief sustainability officer and co-chair of the ALC Safety Committee, Chris Hogarty, said CoR systems were proven to improve safety across the industry.

“Every year at NTI, we assess the cause of serious truck crashes across Australia, and we found a direct improvement in safety outcomes once Chain of Responsibility laws, and subsequent management systems, were introduced,” he said.

“They are vital in ensuring transport and logistics workers, and other road users, reach their destinations safely, and we welcome this expansion to our portfolio to further improve safety across the supply chain.”

AMCAS is being acquired through NTI’s subsidiary’s end-to-end compliance management solution, CoRsafe.

“This is an exciting venture between two of the leading CoR systems within Australia,” Hogarty added.

“This acquisition means we can work towards an enhanced compliance management solution that delivers beyond the current outcomes of AMCAS.”

ALC CEO Dr Hermione Parsons said CoRsafe has the full support of the Logistics Council in moving forward with AMCAS.

“A working group has been established between the ALC and CoRsafe to develop a future plan to best continue the important role AMCAS plays in safety and compliance,” Parsons said.

“ALC and CoRsafe will work closely during the transition to minimise impacts to stakeholders.”

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