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Goodyear Fleet understands that maximising efficiencies are essential for every business, therefore offers a complete tyre and related services solution to companies operating in the transport industry.

If it rolls, we fit it

Goodyear Fleet has one of Australia’s largest ranges across all major categories to cater for any tyre needs and to meet any applications. 

Goodyear Fleet is always there to help make the appropriate decision about the right products to suit any fleet. 

The newest addition to Goodyear Fleet’s product range, the Goodyear FUELMAX S 116 is the result of Goodyear’s relentless innovation and development of new tyres to help fleets meet evolving expectations. 

Goodyear FUELMAX S 116 provides higher fuel efficiency combined with enhanced mileage, traction, and reduced noise emissions. 

It is the ideal choice for fleets looking for a balanced long-haul tyre. 

With its wide tread pattern with opened grooves, the Goodyear FUELMAX S 116 delivers higher milage with improved handling. 

Its fuel saving tread compound with low rolling resistance optimises the balance between higher mileage and lower fuel usage, which – in the long term – helps stay on top of the operating costs.

Andrew is one of the tyre leaders and store managers, who rolls with Goodyear Fleet.

If it rolls, we service it

To increase the productivity of companies and lower operating costs, the Goodyear Fleet team is committed to delivering consistently high standards and tailored service solutions nationally to keep businesses rolling. 

With warehouses across Australia, Goodyear Fleet can quickly and easily facilitate distribution to a national network of 500+ aligned tyre service providers. 

If it rolls, we know it

Goodyear Fleet with its tech-driven solutions delivers valuable insights that matter to increase operating efficiencies and maximise the life of tyres – giving the power to know how the tyres are performing any place, any time. 

If it rolls, we respect it

Goodyear Fleet is committed to safety and sustainability measures. To enable mobility well into the future, sustainable sourcing, responsible operations, advancing tyre performance and shaping the mobility revolution, and building an inspiring, inclusive and ethical culture are key focus areas for the team.

If it rolls, let’s talk about it! 

Call 13 18 98 or visit the website at goodyearfleet.com.au.

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