Expand waste hauling efficiencies with moving floor systems

In the solid waste and recycling sectors, efficiency and safety are always top considerations when purchasing equipment. Trailers equipped with moving floors offer flexibility in where the trailers can unload, while eliminating the safety risk of tipper trailers.

Moving floor trailers unload horizontally, with a series of hydraulically driven floor slats that “walk” material out the rear of the trailer. This allows them to safely unload on uneven ground and during windy conditions, resulting in a much larger area at the landfill at which they can unload. 

“When the landfill is busy, trailers can also position themselves closer to each other without compromising safety, which helps with operating efficiencies,” said Zyggy Reinoga of KEITH WALKING FLOOR Australia Pty Ltd.

The steel J-MAX slat stands up well to top or compactor loading.

Another area in which operators can benefit from versatility is how the trailer is loaded. Depending on the type of floor slat installed in the trailer, trailers can be top loaded or compactor loaded. “A slat like KEITH’s steel J-MAX slat holds up well to compactors,” added Reinoga. “Because it is made from high strength steel, you can expect a longer slat life over our standard aluminium profiles.”

KEITH WALKING FLOOR systems are designed for durability in the waste and recycling industries. The hydraulic drive system easily handles the high volume of waste and multiple loads that transfer trailers haul each day. “It isn’t unusual for trailers to handle six to eight loads per day,” said Reinoga. “The wear and tear the floors need to be able to absorb is substantial.” 

According to Reinoga, a slat such as the J-MAX profile can also expand the types of materials that can be unloaded. In addition to MSW, trailers can unload products as diverse as wood waste, gravel and glass.

“Glass is a product that can be tricky to unload using standard aluminium flooring,” said Reinoga. He explained that most operators use a slip sheet for the occasional load of crushed glass. “The steel slat is better suited for handling recycled glass, with no slip sheet needed to protect the floor.”

A versatile floor slat can also contribute to the financial bottom line. “Customers tell us that in addition to giving them more choices for backhaul options, the trailers quickly pay for themselves because they are able to haul larger volumes.”  

Reinoga added that WALKING FLOOR systems have been used in the waste industry since the early 1980s, with the unloaders gaining popularity for their safety features. “Worker safety is a major concern for the industry and the horizontal unloading of a moving floor system not only prevents toppling over like a tipper trailer, but also eliminates the risk of hitting overhead utility lines or trees during unloading.” 

For more information on KEITH WALKING FLOOR systems, visit keithwalkingfloor.com or contact Zyggy Reinoga at 0404 041 833 to discuss your material handling needs.

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