Smart technology supporting business and fleet management

The management of fleet equipment, such as trailers, dollies, containers and rail wagons, is experiencing a shift towards the adoption of smart tech. 

“Installing a tracking unit onto an asset immediately transforms it into an intelligent, connected piece of fleet equipment that can deliver valuable insights to improve the efficiency of business operations,” said Dylan Hartley, director of operations at WHG Technologies. 

“With data gained from Asset Telematics and IoT, our clients are able to secure their assets, implement proactive maintenance schedules, boost safety and compliance, save time, reduce costs and deliver better customer service.” 

Part of the latest generation of telematics hardware, solar-powered tracking units are a game changer for managing non-powered assets by providing valuable data via constant visibility and usage insight.

Built to withstand the elements, WHG Technologies’ ruggedised Cat-M1 Solar Tracking Unit can be mounted on virtually any asset and has an in-built solar panel and a rechargeable battery that only needs two hours of sunlight per day to maintain charge.  

The Cat M1 Tracking Unit from WHG provides the peace of mind that your fleet is fully functioning, with the best chance of recovering the asset and its load should it go missing.

The Cat-M1 Solar Tracking Unit provides near real-time GPS visibility with one GPS Position per minute when moving and one per four hours when stationary, as well as capturing an accurate count of kilometres travelled and hours of operation. It monitors the asset on the go and communicates using the Telstra CAT-M1 Network. 

This suite of business management modules is designed and configured to meet business’ individual requirements providing a complete solution for any use case or asset type.

“We own the trailers, but not the prime movers. What was important to us was having tracking on the trailers. We’ve noticed close to a 20 per cent increase in driver productivity,”  said Mark O’Keefe, Local Roadways.

The Cat-M1 Solar Tracking Unit utilises the Cat-M1 (LTE-M) technology on Telstra’s IoT network which reaches around 3.5 million square kilometres of Australia, so you can track your assets on a low-power, wide-area network in some of the most remote locations. 

With the option for self-installation or a managed onsite installation through WHG, the solution is easy to deploy, with full remote management and hardware uptime monitoring by the local WHG support team.  This support gives equipment owners peace of mind that their units are fully functioning. 

The solution also includes an innovative Asset Manager Module using QR codes that can be attached to the asset and linked to the tracking hardware, creating a unique one-to-one relationship and digital twin of the asset. The digital twin allows you to capture and log maintenance for each asset, and upload important information. 

By using the same QR code as a trigger, you can capture actions and details from the field and a user can access a range of functions, including pre-start checklists and fault logs, maintenance reporting or requests. 

“This is a huge advantage for businesses where assets are utilised by many different people,” added Hartley. 

Drivers can easily access instructions and owners can view usage information in real-time at full charge. 

“All our tracking units come as a complete package that includes the hardware device, SIM card, communication and data, mapping and server hosting along with training and access to the software platform,” Hartley said. “Our clients are supported by Melbourne-based service, account and engineering teams with a network of installers countrywide. There are so many ways this kind of technology can support your business and if solar doesn’t fit your requirements we have a range of telematics hardware available that can be tailored for the best result. We’re committed to finding the best way to make it work for you.” 

For more, visit whg-telematics.com, or call 1800 474 387.

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