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Since 1959, Hydreco has been manufacturing power take-offs (PTO), pumps and valves for trucks and equipment used in the transport, construction and mining industries. 

Over the past few years, Hydreco Hydraulics has re-defined its business, making significant investments to strategically move it from a component supplier to a total hydraulic system solutions provider.

The expansion of the product portfolio was achieved by adding several highly engineered and tested products, including an array of telescopic hoists. Hydreco’s ancillary range of hoists, tanks, controls, and piston pumps are sourced from some of the world’s leading manufacturers; the business is proud to associate the Hydreco name with these brands.

The well mount telescopic hoist, with cutaway to show its construction.

Where the company used to concentrate solely on the hydraulic equipment that goes onto the trucks, now it encompasses the trailers also, providing the complete solution. 

The range of hoists available includes well-mount, outer cover front mount and under-body versions. These hoists were selected due to a number of factors aimed directly at the installer and end user. 

Firstly, quality seals and the highest grade heat treated alloy steels are employed in the construction to provide longer life and greater lift capacities. All stages are hard chrome plated, a must for the demanding Australian market.

Secondly, the last stage is blanked so that no “bleeding” is required during installation, ensuring that installation is quicker for lower fit up costs.

Next, the overlaps of the stages have been optimised to provide low closed heights. This enables the “well” to be built smaller and lighter; to aid in interchangeability with other brands; and to lessen the oil required for full extension.

Finally, having larger stage diameters result in higher lifting capacities; this equates to possible heavier payloads to yield a higher return per load.

Body hardware including the tailgate rear pivot and side swing (two-way tailgate) kits are also available from Hydreco. As are tailgate and dolly lock pneumatic cylinders for tipper and dog applications which allows these functions to be operated remotely from the cab. 

Hydreco recently produced a new hose burst valve; it is installed to the hoist so that if a hose ruptures, the body is prevented from falling. The new design was based on customer feedback and requirements for a fail-safe product that has additional contrasting features such as providing for a controlled lowering of the body in the event of a hose failure or alternatively ultra-fast lowering in normal conditions.

These are just a few of the examples of the diverse range of products and services provided by Hydreco as part of a total hydraulics solution for truck and industrial equipment operators.  

All Hydreco Power Take-Off units (PTOs), gear pumps and valves are designed and engineered in Australia – manufactured by Hydreco under ISO9001 standards to endure the harshest conditions from mine sites in some of the toughest areas in the world to construction sites and agricultural applications where reliability is paramount. 

Hydreco Hydraulics is located at Unit 12, 167 Prospect Highway, Seven Hills, NSW. For more information, please call 02 9838 6800 or visit hydreco.com.

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