Meet the truckie poet addicted to rhyming

Brisbane based truckie Julie Bell – who also goes by the pseudonym ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ – has been helping to brighten up the days of her fellow truckies through her words.

From inside her office, a 2014 Mack Super-Liner, she has put together numerous (and humorous) poems. If you’re lucky, you might catch her reading one out on the UHF while you’re stuck in peak hour traffic.

Bell, 52, says her penchant for rhyming all started during one boring and monotonous run in June last year. Before she knew it, she had written her first truck inspired poem, which has now grown into a collection of 14 poems, such as this:

I am a lady trucker

I drive a big old Mack

I’m on the road each day with you

Dealing with the same sort of crap


I drive through city traffic

I drive the open roads

I drive down small farm tracks

I cart all different sorts of loads


I tie down on the flat bed with straps or chains and dogs 

I tip the load, I cart the boxes

I fill out the same logs


I drive through rain and heat wave

I drive from Dawn to Dusk

I won’t let anything beat me

Till I’m nothing but a husk 


22 wheels and 40 tonnes

Of pure determination

Powering down the road

Across this beautiful 

wide brown nation 


I’m proud to be a truckie

I love the job I do

Taking on the challenges 

As all my brothers do

Bell began her truck driving career just five years ago. “I started in baby trucks and worked my way into the bigger stuff. I started driving semis about a year ago. Now I do a mixture of local and interstate work, along the east coast,” she said.

Working for small transport business Wags Transport, she travels across Brisbane and into Sydney and Melbourne, carrying everything from general freight to oversize and steel, as well as pulling tankers and tippers.

Bell says her fascination with trucks was sparked in her teenage years. “I travelled around Australia from the age of 15 to 19, basically hitch-hiking in trucks, from town to town,” she explained.

“Having kids got in the way of driving trucks but now here I am. I had no background in trucking so had to learn everything from scratch.”

But since hitting the road, she hasn’t looked back. What she loves most about the job, she says, is the fellow truckies, as is exemplified by this poem:

 I love listening to this channel

All the things that truckies say

There’s no filter and no censor

The government has no say


If you’re sensitive or delicate

You’d better block your ears

Cause political correctness

Just doesn’t happen here


Out on the open road

It’s all helpful and polite

And truckies wish each other well as they travel through the night

But round town it’s a circus

With no ringleader in sight

The abuse, the threats, the swearing

It goes on all day and night

Bell added that her poems are about lifting the mood up, making people feel a bit better about themselves and knowing their worth:

I write these little poems

for all you Truckies on the road

To lift your day a little

To lighten up your load


For the Truckies job is hard

Doesn’t matter what you cart

It all takes brains and muscle

On the road, and in the yard


So to all you drivers out there

In your Kenworths and your Macks

Your Scanias and Western Stars

Your DAFs and CATS and MANs

Freightliners and Ivecos, 

Volvo’s and Mercedes too

You’re all my brothers on the road

And I love every one of you


As you listened to my poem

You’ve just done another mile

And it warms my heart to think

That I might have made you smile

So if you happen to see a Mack on the road adorned with cat stickers including one she’s named Luna and a bobble head in the window named Loki, be sure to listen out.

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