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Like father, like son

Based at Casino in NSW, Jayden Clark works for his father Steven Clark’s company, CMT Transport. He has been a truck driver for a year.

The friendly 22-year-old was parked up at Warwick just before dusk, beside his 2021 Kenworth, when Big Rigs saw him.

With him was his girlfriend Breana Hunter who travels along on some trips.

At first Clark was reluctant to have his picture snapped however he agreed to when Breana was in it as well.

Clark likes stopping at the Shell Aratula Roadhouse because he says the food is great.

“The showers and facilities are very clean and the staff are friendly,” he said.

The worst road he travels on is between Surat and Meandara 

“I love living in the country. We also have a farm with cattle and crops like barley and wheat,” Clark added.

When he gets time off work, Clark has a motorbike which he loves to ride.

“I am into motocross,” he said.

During 2023, Clark hopes to work less and get rich by winning the Lotto!

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