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Catching mud crabs is a favourite recreation for 65-year-old Kimbo Williams who drives a Hino for Charters Towers company Rocket Run, carrying general freight.

I saw Williams after he had pulled up to make a delivery at the hamlet of Mingela which is 83km west of Townsville and 47km from Charters Towers.

“I do a lot of runs between Townsville and Charters Towers and the Hino is ideal,” he said.

Williams added that the company also has trucks which deliver freight to centres west of Charters Towers including to Hughenden about 260km away along the Flinders Highway and also to Richmond another 100km further on.

“I have driven trucks most of my working life and have been doing it full-time for four years. I have been a boilermaker,” he said.

Williams likes stopping at the BP Cluden Roadhouse on Townsville’s outskirts across from the racecourse.

“It has lots of parking, good food including takeaways and clean facilities which is good for drivers,” he said.

His hobbies are fishing and crabbing in the saltwater creeks and rivers in the north which abound with opportunities.

His comment about mud crabs tantalised my taste buds as these crustaceans are prized eating delicacies.

However they are very expensive to purchase especially at southern markets.

So where does he catch these nippered and shelled crabs?

“Mainly in the Haughton River,” he said.

Another passion of Williams is his love of motorbikes, especially the Kawasaki.

“I am a member of the Z Owners Club which is Australia wide,” he said.

Williams was critical of the number of car drivers who often do dangerous things on the 130km stretch between Townsville and Charters Towers.

“Especially in busy times such as today when so many were heading towards the Goldfield Ashes Cricket Carnival in the Towers,” he said.

As for the worst highway he said that the Flinders had “good and bad sections”.

Williams added that the rest area just past Mingela was a nice place to stop because it had toilets and shaded chairs and tables.

“But sometimes people leave the toilets very dirty,” he said.

Rocket Run also does overnight deliveries and pickups to Ravenswood which is 40km from Mingela.

A visit to Ravenswood is like going back to the late 1880’s in a time capsule. There are two hotels there, the Railway and the Imperial.

The company carries a variety of freight including parcels, pallets and bulk loads and special runs when required.

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