Truckie shares dashcam footage of brake fail on Mt Victoria

A truckie has had a dramatic escape without injury from a brake fail on Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains, NSW, earlier this month.

The driver shared the heart-stopping clip below on Dash Cam Owners Australia with the description: “Brake fail going down Mt Victoria. Loaded semi 40ish tonne.”

According to the time stamp, the incident happened on March 3, just before 3pm.

In the footage, the truckie blasts the horn in an effort to warn the long line of vehicles ahead that the truck is in trouble.

Motorists can be seen swerving into the oncoming lane to get out of the way, but the message doesn’t appear to reach the caravan driver.

“F###ing idiot,” the driver screams.

Luckily, a safety ramp appears in the nick of time.

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