Nicholson and Page Transport puts half of its fleet up for auction


After 32 years in the business, Nicholson and Page Transport’s founders, Graeme Nicholson and Meredith Page, have made the difficult decision to sell half of their fleet.

Although not retiring just yet, they plan to scale back their operation based at Maclean on the NSW North Coast and slowly transition towards retirement.

Nicholson and Page founded the company in 1991 with just one truck – a Ford LTS, and have since grown it into a successful business.

“Right now is a great time to be in the transportation industry,” said Nicholson. “If I was younger, I’d be buying more trucks.”

However, he notes that finding good drivers is becoming increasingly challenging, which makes it difficult to maintain the company’s reputation and service his loyal customers to the high standard that Nicholson prides himself on.

After 42 years of driving, including 32 years of self-employment, it’s time to slow down, he said.

After this sale at Ritchie Bros., Nicholson and Page Transport will still have five remaining trucks which they will continue to operate.

‘Graeme and Meredith are a true representation of a very well respected and hardworking family-owned transport company,” said Rory Mackin, territory manager at Ritchie Bros.

“Despite never having worked with Ritchie Bros. before, Graeme and Meredith have entrusted us with the sale of their trucks because of how effortless the process is.

“They were pleasantly surprised by how smooth everything was, and they don’t even need to wash the trucks. We’re doing that onsite here in our wash bay.”

The Nicholson and Page fleet will be featured in the upcoming unreserved auction, which will be held on April 19-20.

Their fleet includes four 2016 Kenworth K200 Big Cabs and a 2017 Kenworth K200 Big Cab, as well as matching Krueger B-double trailer sets all stacked with many extra features. All equipment has been meticulously maintained, said Ritchie Bros.

The event will be held exclusively online, interested buyers are urged to register to bid.

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