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Covers come off Australian-designed hydrogen truck

Hyzon Motors has unveiled its heavy rigid truck platform, an Australian-designed and built hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle, ahead of showcasing the rig at the 2023 Brisbane Truck Show.

The company is developing the heavy rigid truck as a global platform, adaptable for international markets, with a multitude of vehicle use cases, such as garbage compactors, tilt trays and flatbed trucks.

Leading the development of the global heavy rigid program in Australia has allowed Hyzon to tap into the rich resources of highly skilled local engineering and technical knowledge to build a team, process, and product for its global and domestic markets, the company says.

Last year, the US-based company announced development of a purpose-built assembly plant in the south-east Melbourne suburb of Noble Park, to locally manufacture hydrogen-powered commercial vehicles.

Hyzon’s team has designed and built the first three trucks over the past year, replacing the diesel engines in new Mercedes trucks with hydrogen gas tanks and a fuel cell.

The heavy rigid truck is expected to hit the road in a number of commercial trials in Australia and New Zealand throughout 2023.

Hyzon already has three tilt-tray trucks on order from the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) owned towing company Nationwide Group, and discussions are under way with waste management groups and other potential operators.

President of international operations John Edgley says this week’s launch is a “real game changer” for Australia’s and New Zealand’s decarbonisation journey.

“We are building our zero-emission heavy vehicles right here in Australia, using local skills, employing local people, and collaborating effectively with our colleagues across the globe,” he says.

“Our vehicle development process is following a path of design, build and validation to make use of resources that are available in Australia and provide an opportunity to train new engineers and technicians.

“Incorporating global market requirements and standards into our design philosophy has allowed the vehicle to be easily adaptable not only to international markets, but also with a multitude of use cases.

“Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles will play a vital role in the decarbonisation of the transport sector and be a key component of Australia and New Zealand fuel security strategy into the future.”

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