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There is a need in the transport industry to continually improve safety and longevity of equipment and Andromeda Industries addresses such concerns with its new product.

Introducing the new Heavy Load Safety Mat by Andromeda Industries.

Andromeda Industries is an independently Australian owned local business located in the township of Moonbi, NSW (22km north of Tamworth). With many different facets to the business including Superflex steel cable and slings division, Reusable Rubber division and an Engineering division, Andromeda Industries can cover a plethora of customer demands and needs spanning a multitude of different industries including the transport and logistics industry. 

Since its inception, Andromeda Industries has continued to offer new and innovative products to meet the needs and demands of the Australian public, transport and heavy machinery industries.

Here the Heavy Load Safety Mats are used for dune access.

Andromeda Industries Reusable Rubber division prides itself on recycling and upcycling rubber conveyor belt used in various mining applications which were bound for landfill in Australia, into wide and varied applications, this includes our new Heavy Load Safety Mats.

The Andromeda Industries Heavy Load Safety Mat is designed to improve safety by providing an increased coefficient of friction during the transportation of heavy loads and OSOM including excavators, bull dozers, cranes etc. The Heavy Load Safety Mat provides friction and a non-slip surface which increases load safety and stability, and in doing so provides additional protection for your truck and trailer deck from the machinery grouser plates.

Made from heavy-duty 14mm thick rubber belt, which has been upcycled/recycled from the mining industry, the Heavy Load Safety Mat includes the following key features which make it a must to use when transporting heavy machinery and equipment around Australia.

Machine punched integrated handles at both ends provides safe and easy handling and allows for better manoeuvrability and functionality. Without the integrated handles this type of rubber can be hard to handle, however due to the unique machined punched handles it makes the storage and use of the Heavy Load Safety Mats a breeze. 

The Heavy Load Safety Mat provides friction and a non-slip surface.

Heavy Load Safety Mats come in two standard lengths of 2300mm x 600mm x 14mm; and 2300mm x 700mm x 14mm; allowing for easy storage across the deck or tray ensuring minimal space is taken up. Heavy Load Safety Mats can also be customised to any length required to suit your specific application.

Due to the rubber used for the Heavy Load Safety Mat, they are fire retardant and resistant to oil and fuel spills which creates a Heavy Load Safety Mat that will provide years of constant use which creates a positive return on investment.

Functionality is a must in the transport industry and the Heavy Load Safety Mat has an alternate use as well. They can be laid over concrete, bitumen, asphalt and grass to protect these surfaces from damage by the grouser plate bars whilst machinery is being unloaded and driven over.

Andromeda industries also supply other reusable rubber products that include rubber mudguards and mud flaps for trailers and dollies along with ute mats, tailgate mats, Holeybelt20 and Split Belt rubber which can be cut to size all ranging from 3mm to 10mm thickness and wide-ranging widths suitable for so many different applications.

For further information or to see the complete range of products, visit andromedaindustries.com.au or call the friendly staff on 02 6760 3773.

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