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When a truck is involved in an accident, it can be an anxious time for any transport operator, but NTI aims to alleviate the stress of the situation by offering quality repairs with a faster turnaround. 

NTI’s Authorised Repair Network extends nationwide, with over 50 repairers on hand, and counting. 

“Having an Authorised Repair Network means in the event of an accident, our customers don’t need to worry about where to get a quote or who can do the repairs safely at a competitive price,” said Tim Pontifex, head of claims services at NTI.

“And if the vehicle is still drivable, they don’t have to take it off the road or go around getting quotes. Once the vehicle enters the workshop, the network repairer has auto authorisation and can start working on the vehicle straight away.

Repairers in the network have authority to begin working on a vehicle as soon as it enters their workshop, to get you back on the road sooner.

With a 24-hour Accident Assist Service Centre, based in Australia, NTI customers are able to lodge their claims over the phone, anywhere and at any time. Using its heavy vehicle recovery network, NTI can organise for the vehicle to be towed straight to an authorised repairer, so work can begin straight away. “That takes a lot of pain and suffering out of the whole process after an accident. We strongly encourage customers who have an accident, as soon as possible to call our Accident Assist line,” said Pontifex. 

NTI has invested significant time and effort in understanding the key drivers to adequately assess and repair vehicles. “We partner with our repairers, which results in better service for our customers,” added Adam Craft, NTI’s national manager of Repairer Networks. “That quality and safety aspect is paramount, as is managing costs, which then helps to keep premium costs down for our customers.”

He continued, “Repairers in our network are required to meet a set of standards. Our Authorised Repair Network is not an exclusive club, but we do have a set of standards for our Premium and Local repairers in terms of their skills, knowledge and equipment levels. All our repairers are a one-stop shop. They have mechanics, auto electricians, spray painters, panel beaters etc – everything is under the one roof.”

NTI currently has 22 Premium Repairers and 29 Local Repairers in its Authorised Repair Network. The difference between the two is that Premium Repairers are able to carry out heavier work. They are specialists in major mechanical and structural repairs; and have large workshops with specialist equipment, to complete any job that comes their way. 

Local Repairers on the other hand are specialists in light repairs for smaller trucks. These are generally smaller workshops and are often located closer to base.

“As our Premium Repairers do the heavier work, they have overhead cranes to lift the cabs off and onto the chassis and/or engines and gearboxes out of the prime movers. We also expect them to have a chassis aligner or crushes as they are known in the industry,” Craft added.  

Pontifex says that NTI’s Premium Repairers can also get vehicles back on the road sooner.

“Independent research has shown that our Premium Repairers are, on average, nine days faster than our competitors.

“Nine days might not sound like a lot, but when you ask any transport operator, especially an owner operator, how much it costs to have a vehicle off the road, nine days makes a huge difference.”

One of the keys to this efficiency is NTI Parts. “We have a relationship with the major truck manufacturers and dealerships nationally that enables us to get parts to repairers much faster,” Pontifex added.

A 24-hour Accident Assist Service Centre means NTI customers can lodge claims over the phone, anywhere and at any time.

“NTI is very unique in that aspect. No other insurer supplies parts to smash repairers. Our competitors don’t have that sort of control when it comes to parts – so if they don’t have the part, they just have to wait. At NTI, if we can’t get the part locally, we’ll source it elsewhere in the country.

“For example, the other day we needed a chassis ladder for a  prime mover and the manufacturer took it off the assembly line for us – otherwise it would have normally been a four month wait.”

Adding to the fast repair turnaround, repairers in the network are given authority to begin working on a vehicle as soon as it enters their workshop, without having to wait for an assessor.

For light vehicles, NTI has also partnered with AMA Group. “They have the knowledge and equipment to just focus on light vehicles,” said Craft. “By reaching out to AMA, we’ve been able to expand our national footprint so we can make sure our high levels of service flow through, whether you drive a Kenworth or a Lexus.” 

For repairers wanting to join NTI’s Authorised Repair Network, visit nti.com.au/claims/nti-authorised-re

pair-network to register an expression of interest. “To join our network, repairers do need to meet the standards, have the skills and equipment, and share the same values as NTI. Interested repairers can answer a few questions online, before we assess their workshop,” explained Craft. 

“We want the vehicles repaired in a timely fashion with quality and safety always being paramount.”

For more information, visit nti.com.au.

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