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Tree loppers hard at work

A 2000 model Mitsubishi Canter is a common sight around the scenic Blue Mountains region of NSW where it is a vital part of a tree lopping business run by Daniel Holmes.

Holmes, 41, operates Glenbrook Greenery from his home base at the beautiful village of Glenbrook, off the Great Western Highway.

“The Mitsubishi has almost 400,000km on the clock and is going well. I do a lot of local work around the area and travel as far away as Lithgow,” Holmes said.

Big Rigs saw Holmes and his assistant Michael Robb after a hard day’s work.

“I run into the odd python and lots of spiders when lopping trees,” Holmes said.

He also makes habitat hollows for animals out of some of the trees.

“I have had the Mitsubishi for about eight years,” he said.

The pair like stopping at the Eastern Creek Roadhouse when on the job.

Holmes said that the worst road he has travelled on is near Pittstown.

Robb said he enjoys the work and living in one of the greenest parts of Australia.

“I don’t drive the truck but help with everything else,” he said.

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