Changes to rules when crossing Burdekin River Bridge


The Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) would like to advise that all OSOM heavy vehicle operators are now required to contact the TMR Traffic Management Centre (TMC) on 13 19 40 before crossing the Burdekin River Bridge (BRB).

This change has occurred because TMR will now be the sole agency responsible for controlling the traffic signals on the busy Queensland bridge.

The traffic signals located on the approaches to the BRB will now be centrally operated by the TMC to maintain road safety when oversize loads are transported across the bridge.

This will also maintain the safe and efficient flow of traffic, minimise inconvenience to other motorists and ensure that no damage is caused to property.

How can you prepare?

  1. Both the operator and driver have the responsibility to check TMR’s Conditions of Operation database before any trip.
  2. Have your National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) access permit number, and/or
  3. Have the accreditation licence number of the vehicle escort operator assisting with the transport of the oversize load across the BRB.

Note:  BRB has a condition currently in place for vehicles 3m wide and 4.6m high (northbound) or 4.5m high (southbound).At the very minimum, oversize vehicles must be accompanied by an accredited escort vehicle operator when crossing the BRB.

I’m ready to cross

When you are ready to cross the BRB, the heavy vehicle operator or escort vehicle operator must contact the TMC on 13 19 40 and provide the TMR operator with NHVR permit number or the escort vehicle accreditation licence number. This information must be provided to TMR before the traffic signals are activated and the heavy vehicle can cross the BRB.

If the escort vehicle operator or heavy vehicle operator cannot provide the NHVR permit number or a valid vehicle escort accreditation licence number, the vehicle will not be allowed to cross the BRB. Further information about

Note: Heavy vehicles will still be prohibited from crossing the BRB from 7.30am – 9.00am and 3.00pm – 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

It’s happening, when?

The changes will take place from Friday, March 31.

New signs will be installed in the pull over areas on both northbound and southbound sides of the BRB to remind heavy vehicles operators of the escort procedure.

Who engages the escort vehicle operator?

All arrangements and payments for the transport of an oversize load over the BRB are to be made directly with the company providing the service.

Please remember to…

Check your routes before you start your journey. It is your responsibility to make sure you’re using up-to-date information when you assess the suitability and conditions of your route. You must check your NHVR permit conditions, the TMR Conditions of Operation Database, and QLD Traffic before you start your journey.

Stay informed

For more information, contact the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Customer and Stakeholder Management team in Townsville:

Phone: 1800 625 648

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