Benefits of digital tools for workshop maintenance

Take the guesswork out of workshop maintenance with advanced connectivity through digital tools and fleet management software. With streamlined workflows, you’ll fix problems before they arise, keep drivers and the community safe, and make money in the long run. 

By upgrading to a digitally streamlined workshop, you can deliver regular and proactive maintenance, keeping your fleet and equipment in peak condition. Tools at the ready, your drivers can focus on delivering and not have to worry about delays in the workshop or serviced equipment.

Digital workflows streamline communication

For top-tier workshop maintenance, you need to start with the foundation – communication. Teletrac Navman’s fleet management software links your digital applications and tools. Every element of your vehicles, including trailers, is connected. This enables instant communication between your drivers, management, and the workshop. 

With a streamlined, digital workflow in place, the workshop can efficiently cater to drivers’ needs, ensure vehicle compliance and safety, and manage procurement. The team can check digital reports, pre-trip checklists and service information in real-time, rather than relying on patchy communication with remote staff or out-of-date paper-based reports. 

The result? The workshop can proactively maintain vehicles and fix small problems before they become bigger problems, avoiding costly breakdowns, and keeping the operation moving. 

A connected fleet is a safe fleet 

Well-maintained vehicles and safety go hand in hand; you avoid parts failing on the road and reduce the chance of dangerous breakdowns that can put other road users at risk. By connecting every part of your fleet, workshop staff will have access to the data they need to ensure trucks are in perfect condition, keeping drivers and the community safe. 

Drivers can complete a digital checklist of the vehicle’s condition in real time. So, if anything fails or is cause for concern, maintenance staff can immediately ground the vehicle and fix the issue or order parts so the vehicle can be fixed quickly on return.

Teletrac Navman’s digital applications and fleet management software can store maintenance schedules, vehicle service histories, receipts, and other important documents, alongside the vehicle’s essential data to create a single source of information. This comprehensive overview allows the workshop team to keep vehicles as safe as possible.  

Make money with digital 

The benefits for your business don’t stop with improved communication and safety. You’ll also increase profitability. Well-maintained vehicles are more fuel efficient, so you can avoid unexpected costs from failures. Drivers can make their deliveries on time – improving customer satisfaction and delivering future business opportunities, and future profits. 

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Getting connected now before the scheduled 3G network closure in June 2023 enables access to all the benefits of digital tools for workshop maintenance without you missing a beat. 

In just two minutes, take a free online assessment to see how Teletrac Navman’s solutions can improve workshop maintenance in your business.

For more information, call 1300 111 477 or visit teletracnavman.com.au.

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