Clean results in ease of maintenance

Australian Pump is the country’s leading designer and manufacturer of high pressure cleaning equipment. Aussie builds machines that are designed for professional Australian users with a focus on big trucks and mobile plant.

“Every owner-driver and even big fleet operators know that running trucks is an expensive business! Key costs are regular maintenance and parts replacement. You tell us that keeping vehicles clean is a great way of minimising failures through regular maintenance,” said Aussie Pumps chief engineer John Hales.

He believes in the current economic climate that replacement parts and plant can be not only hard to find sometimes but also slow to source. Preventative maintenance is key in minimising costs and of course avoiding the disruption of breakdowns.

Easy cleaning

The team at Australian Pump approach the issue from two perspectives:

• Everybody likes the idea of driving a clean truck. It makes you feel good.

• Maintenance on a clean truck is more pleasant and more efficient.

Ease of maintenance can significantly lower costs.

Aussie’s market research indicates that nobody enjoys spending five or six hours cleaning a big rig. Anything that helps them get the job done faster is considered a benefit as after a certain period it just becomes boring.

Aussie’s ‘Truck Wash Special’ is designed to clean big equipment and long haul road gear.

Their unique Scud design, with stainless steel one-piece welded frame, big flat free tyres on steel wheels and heavy-duty ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini pump makes all the difference.

Yes, these machines come with Honda 13hp engine or in the bigger models, even up to 29hp industrial Honda petrol engines. They also make diesel versions.

The beauty of Aussie’s Truck Wash Special is its big flow and high pressure combination.

“We realised it wasn’t the pressure that got the job done faster when you are talking about cleaning big gear,” said Hales. “It’s a combination of flow and pressure that works. That’s why we built machines that do 21 litres per minute flow and match that with a pump pressure performance of 2600 psi!”

For serious removal of baked on mud, dust or washing undercarriages, Aussie recommends a turbo lance that gives the operator an effective working pressure, allied to the big flow mentioned above, of almost 5000 psi.

The Aussie Scud machines all come with gearbox drive pumps that reduce the operating speed of the pump to 1450 rpm. That slow speed extends pump life dramatically. The Big Berty features solid ceramic pistons, forged brass heads and huge finned crank cases for cooler running.

Steam’s a dream

For automotive and machinery washdown of particularly greasy applications, the company’s unique steam cleaners and hot wash systems get the job done fast!

“You save water, save power, even save detergent by using steam to clear away grease and oily waste,” said Hales.

The company also offers a 4000 psi 130°C steam cleaner that is completely mobile. That’s right, no power cables!

The drive comes from a 13hp electric start Honda engine. It also runs the ignition system from its 12 volt circuit. It’s a unique combination of high pressure and steam that can be mounted on the back of a ute, service vehicle or trailer.

“We call it the Aussie HEATWAVE,” said Hales.

Free safety training

Aussie Pumps are big on pressure cleaner safety training.

Their training course is absolutely FREE and is made available to not only Australian users of pressure cleaning equipment but to Aussie’s worldwide export network as well.

“It’s great to see notifications of successful course completions coming from far away countries, like Sudan, Kazakhstan, and even South America,” said Hales.

For further information, including FREE safety training, visit aussiepumps.com.au. 

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