Centurion truckies deliver road safety messages on regional roads

regional roads

WA Road Safety Minister Paul Papalia has unveiled a fleet of new roving road safety billboards in the form of 30 Centurion trucks touring the state’s regional and remote roads.

The sides and backs of the trucks will display the Road Safety Commission’s latest campaigns, ‘Don’t drift off’ and ‘No one plans a crash’, to deliver important road safety messages where they are needed most – our regional roads.

Every year approximately two thirds of the state’s road fatalities occur in regional areas and 2022 was no different, with 64 per cent of people who died on Western Australian roads, being killed in the regions.

Single vehicles crashing into an object, often a tree, were the most common type of crash, accounting for 48 per cent of fatalities. While there are many factors that can cause a vehicle to leave the road, fatigue can and does play a role.

The trucks will be highly visible to regional drivers as they transport groceries and other essentials from Perth to the north of the state.

They will be on the road during the busy April school holiday period and visible to locals and visitors travelling to view the total solar eclipse in Exmouth on April 20.

“These trucks will serve as a mobile road safety reminder for drivers while they are behind the wheel,” said Papalia.

“We’re asking drivers to be warned against fatigue and to be mindful of other behaviours that can lead to a crash – like using a mobile phone or rushing to overtake.

“Road safety is everyone’s business, and this is a great example of how the private sector and government can work together to reduce deaths and serious injuries on our roads.”

Recognising the need for road safety warnings for those travelling long distances for the eclipse, particularly those not familiar with WA roads, the Road Safety Commission recently launched its ‘Welcome to Country Roads’ campaign.

The campaign is a collaborative effort with Aboriginal Elders which celebrates the connection First Nations people have to their Country and provides drivers with tips for a safe journey through it.

In a bid to encourage drivers to take regular breaks and swap drivers if they can, eight local businesses from Geraldton to Exmouth will offer a free coffee for drivers between April 17-23.

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